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Caution Wet Floor

Fred Mount came to me with a vision, I had some paint and studio space. The rest is a good story. These are the rare, collaborative efforts that artists live for. They never come at the most opportune time.

Red-Man- in turbulant waterr-Fred-Mount_

Tasting Grace

Visitivity Media contacted me to bring their vision to life for the music video of No Regrets by Tasting Grace. Watch the video.


The Gunrunner

The 2013 Girls of the Gunrunner calendar came together after about 3 months of prep, 2 straight days of painting, and countless hours of post productionRead more.



Brianne had something to say about women in our society, the way men speak about women, and the words we use toward each other. In this collaboration, the model, painter, and photographer had a hand in delivering this powerful message. 


For The Boys

Serena Star Photography reached out for a pinup makeup and body painting 3 part collaboration in this issue of For the Boys. 

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